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Soothe your flaring need to organize in this 3rd Game-a-Week project under the theme ritual. In this game over five days you order a cluttered desk , with each day adding new objects for you to organize. There is no mechanical restriction to your organization, it is purely up to you so when you're satisfied move onto the next day.


-Q to quit

-space to progress to the next day

-LMB to pick up

-RMB to drop

-Hold down LMB to use objects

-Scroll wheel to rotate objects when holding

known bugs

-The colliders are a little buggy and sometimes the game doesn't pick up the thing you want, which can be really frustrating! To alleviate this problem make sure the object you want isn't touching anything else.

-The pencil is extremely buggy and the marks that you make don't behave realistically, try drawing on the pad and moving it really fast, while rotating

Published Aug 10, 2017
Made withGameMaker: Studio
TagsGameMaker, Top-Down


Clutter simulator.exe 21 MB

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